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Reportage is arguably the oldest of all photographic genres and relies on a keen eye, the ability to spot interesting details and tell a story. In short, itís the ability to spot potential images where others might simply walk past and think nothing of it. The world of classic cars is awash with fascinating asides Ė tyres stacked up in a corner, wrenches left lying around, and greasy overalls hanging from a peg. If youíve been to a classic car show or race, youíll know how many of these details you can find Ė the trick is being able to spot them! To give yourself the best possible chance, switch to aperture-priority mode (A or Av on the mode dial or menu), and set aperture to f/4-f/5.6. This is a relatively wide aperture and perfect for allowing plenty of light in while throwing the background out of focus. While the camera will calculate the most suitable shutter speed, make sure that this is at least 1/125sec or faster. If this isnít the case, increase ISO. Higher settings such as ISO 400 or 800 will give you a faster shutter speed, which gives you a better chance of capturing sharper shots. The rest is up to you Ė keep your eyes peeled, donít be afraid to get down low for dramatic angles, and take lots of pictures!

PANASONIC Lumix FZ200 Bridge Camera with Kata Lite-431 DL Camera Case - Black
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